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JMP Realty Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the JMP Realty Frequently Asked Questions page. Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, owning, selling, and leasing real estate in Rocky Point. Also, begin to think about important things to consider when diving into your real estate search. This is not the definitive lists of questions with answers. Need more help give us a call at (602) 539-7040.

General Questions

How do I drive to Rocky Point?

If you are traveling from Phoenix, take Interstate 10 West towards Los Angeles and turn off at Exit 112: Highway 85 to Gila Bend. Once through Gila Bend and the street just prior to the McDonalds turn right at the sign towards Ajo / Mexico (still Highway 85). Continue to the border passing at Lukeville’s Gringo Pass at which point you would have entered the town of Sonoyta. In Sonoyta, continue straight until you reach a stop sign. Turn to the left and go over a small bridge, once past the bridge there will be huge directional veering you to the right at the “Y” towards Puerto Peñasco. Continue on this road until you reach Puerto Peñasco. From directly south of Phoenix, take Interstate 10 East and turn off at Maricopa Rd. Exit (South), passing the Casinos and through the small town of Maricopa. Make a right between the Gas Station and the Walgreens and continue on this until you reach Interstate 8 West towards Gila Bend/San Diego. Exit in Gila Bend and follow the directions as indicated above. If your trip is initiating from Tucson, you will take Highway 86 West to Why, at which point you will turn left at the “T” onto Highway 85 (clearly marked) and follow the directions indicated above regarding once across the border

What documents will I need?

You are required to have either a valid passport or a certified copy of their birth certificate with an accompanying photo I.D. However, all bank transactions in Mexico (changing traveler’s checks for example) will require a passport or passport card. If you fly into Mexico – say to Hermosillo on your way to Mexico City – the tourist visa form will be given out on the airplane before your arrival to your final destination’s airport and also in the airport’s immigration area. The form needs to be presented to immigration officials upon arrival; who will then give you a certain allotment of days to stay in Mexico (usually about a months’ time). Tourists with an FMT visa are allowed to stay in Mexico for up to 6 months though this may require going to an immigration office to add days to your visa.

Will my vehicle be inspected at the border?

At the Mexican Border Crossing Station, you may be waved on through or you can be pulled over for a brief inspection or. Please avoid carrying any of the prohibited items and DO NOT BRING GUNS INTO MEXICO, It will get you into BIG TROUBLE, such as landing you in a Mexican jail for a lengthy sentence.

Also, same applies when returning back to the US.

What items are prohibited from entering into Mexico?

Please be aware that the following items are prohibited from entering into Mexico: more than 3 liters of alcohol per adult, any illegal substances (drugs), and absolutely and under no circumstances can you carry firearms. Other items that may be restricted include fireworks, live animals, and insects. If you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, you’re liable to face trouble if you try to bring it across the border

What about car insurance while in Mexico?

U.S. Auto Insurance is not valid in Mexico so you will need to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance at the border and it is generally available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. When traveling further into Mexico (past the Free Zone) with your car you will also need to get a special permit at the time you cross the border. To acquire the car permit you will need the following items; original and a copy of the car title, a valid visa (from immigration), your driver’s license, your passport, or a copy of your birth certificate, and a valid credit card. If you would rather pay in cash you will be asked to leave $200 USD as a deposit at the border. After completing your stay in Mexico, you must check in at the border so that the permit may be taken off your car by the designated officials. This will also help guarantee that you will not be charged for not re-entering the US. In general, car permits are valid for a period of up to 6 months. However, cars that remain within the area known as the “free zone” do not need to get this permit, though are still required to have Mexican insurance. The free zone extends from the border and up to approximately 60 miles south

Will my pets be allowed into Mexico?

You will be allowed to bring your pets with you into Mexico however, you will need to have documentation showing a rabies vaccination within the last six months in order to bring them back into the U.S. Make sure you keep your pets’ vaccination up to date prior to your trip.

What if my car breaks down on the road once in Mexico?

In Mexico, there are traveling mechanics that drive green and white pickup trucks called Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) that will help motorists in distress. Also, once passed the border town of Sonyta you will notice distress phones frequently placed on either side of the highway all along your route.

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